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What does a G-Spot and a Soul Have In Common?

posted May 24, 2014, 7:32 AM by Suzette Vearnon   [ updated May 24, 2014, 7:32 AM ]
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What does a G-Spot and a Soul have in common?

To the natural mind, absolutely nothing yet both have been hot button topics for centuries.  Just say the word, G-Spot, and all motion stops as men and women alike hope to gather some new tip or trick that will bring a new vitality to a stalled love life.  Then there’s the Soul.  Granted it does not evoke the same response, but just try living without it.  It’s a life of monochromy without that pop of color. 

Pop is an understatement for the titled Protecting Your Emotional G-Spot.  Considered the most sought-after location of pleasure for men and women alike, the reader becomes the fly on the wall into its boudoir.  This book reveals the emotion behind the titillation.  It humanizes the G-Spot and the wounding that happens when it is not protected.

Alongside it is its twin, The Sound of My Soul.  Equally eye-popping but often shadowy in our perception of it, the Soul has been criticized by pragmatists, mystified by spiritualists and “lost” by religious standards.  This book makes the argument that the soul is not some convention of faith-based organizations or people with an affinity for the paranormal.  It is the discerner.  It is the barometer of our aliveness. Without it, we would not know who we are, why we are and when we’ve arrived. 

These books of less than 200 pages each are the second and third literary triumphs for Suzette R Hinton.  This author most known for her inspiring message received Fine Success Magazine’s 2013 Excellence in Inspirational Writings Award the year her first book, The Sound of My Life, released.  Since that time, she has continued to be a regular contributor.  She has also been lauded as the “best in the business of inspirational life coaches” by Black Life Coaches Network, the #1 life coaching and personal development resource for the Black community. 

“People are on the fast-track to making their dreams come true,” says Hinton.  “They think it will earn them the respect they seek or it will be the cure to their dissatisfaction.  It’s not.  Wholeness is the key.  My books seek to get to the parts of us put in a box and pushed out of sight, bring enlightenment and broker a truce of acceptance and cooperation.” 

Protecting Your Emotional G-Spot and The Sound of My Soul will launch on Saturday, May 31, 2014 at Blake Shops & Studios, 300 Blake Street, Raleigh, NC  27601 (Downtown Raleigh).  Media is welcomed.  The books are now available for chapter preview and order.  Quantity discounts are available to individuals, groups or organizations with orders of 10 or more books.  To learn more, call 919-801-8934 or visit

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