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posted Jul 12, 2013, 7:59 PM by Suzette Vearnon   [ updated Jul 12, 2013, 8:00 PM ]
Sat, 29 Jun 2013, 10:00:00 EST           

Garner, N.C., June 29, 2013The tension mounts as Author Suzette Hinton stands in front of an aspiring group of writers attending the WIMS Writing Clinic hosted by Dr. Jeannette Barnes.  Who is this small framed woman and what can she possibly say to inspire us was the question in the eyes fixed on her.

In a split second this smiling and waving author with an undeniable Southern accent and a bubbly personality took command of the room with two little words.  “Do it!” she said staring every woman in the eye.  There was something about the fierce unapologetic undeniable unwavering resolve in these two little words that literally shifted the writers from consumers to participants in their own destiny.  Her intention was clear and so was the tension.  She wasn’t just selling a book, she was rallying all with a dream to get off the sidelines and take center stage in their own lives!  From that point on, the room belonged to this dynamic native of Raleigh NC who interestingly was not even the keynote speaker.  Timed to perfection, she took the 10 minutes she was given and overturned every excuse for failing to follow your dreams and failing to complete the task. 

From working for a staffing agency and playing for a local church to launching three businesses at the same time, she, now 100% working for herself, told her story and the power of aligning yourself with Purpose.  “I put a demand on the Universe,” she said.  “I told God I needed to know that He’d move Heaven and Earth in support of me.”  Clearly, she is her Father’s daughter for her words made it impossible to remain complacent.  All one would have to do was look at her vendor table.  She didn’t have a bunch of magnets, ink pens and other paraphernalia.  What she had was product for sell- audio CDs and books -and boy was she quite the salesperson.  I observed one of the guests asking if he could use her power supply to charge the battery on his laptop.  “Sure,” she said with a mischievous smile, “In exchange, you’ll have to download my book.  I give you juice, you give me juice.”  He did!  He downloaded the Amazon App to his Android phone and downloaded her book to his Kindle e-reader.  This member of Authors Express to Success, and Black Life Coaches is quite the triple threat.  She transitioned from author to coach to businesswoman without skipping a beat, ushering folks to her Creative Manager, Ms. Dinah Pittman, Owner of The ‘Fit Squad to be added to her mailing list.  “I’m here to stimulate your mind and your motion,” says this inspirer.  No more excuses, just do it!”

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About The Author

Suzette Hinton is a force to be reckoned with,  A self proclaimed freedom guide, she has honed her talents and skills as a bookkeeper, musician/singer and writer and has turned them into profitable businesses.  This divorced mother of one is living life on her terms and inspiring others to do the same.  Along with being on the contributing writer team of Fine Success Magazine, garnering her own column, “The Inspirational Corner,”, and a myriad of other online publications, she runs Odyssey Administrative Services, Odyssey Music Consultants and Purposeful Connections.  Hers has not been an easy path.   She’s had to overcome codependency, church hurt, paralyzing anxiety, failed relationships, post-divorce single parenting, job loss and bankruptcy.  “You can have it all,” says Suzette aka “Coach Suzette” who is sharing her life with a wonderful man. “So when I tell you that you can overcome anything and have the life you dream of, I know what I’m talking about.”  A born inspirer and wisdom teacher, with her book and coaching program, Suzette amplifies your inner expert and takes you from the background to believing your dreams matter. 


For more information including interview and photo requests, contact Coach Suzette at Purposeful Connections:


Telephone:  (919) 801-8934