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E.R. Helps Souls In Crisis

posted Sep 14, 2014, 9:42 AM by Suzette Vearnon   [ updated Sep 14, 2014, 10:02 AM ]

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Raleigh, NC September 13, 2014 - Ask Author Suzette what cases are most seen at the E.R. and she'll tell you souls in crisis.  "Folks will come to the E.R. for help.  Sadly, you stabilize them or treat the pain but the real cause is left unchanged or they don't follow recovery guidelines."  She, along with other soul specialists Nicole Campbell, founder of The Edification Room, Jason Mahoney, Marcel Anderson and Margaret Brunson, brought this very real issue to the men, women and children at the E.R. (acronym for The Edification Room).  Sharing their own stories of grief and loss, sexual molestation, divorce and other life traumas, these healers brought attention to those whose needs have been underserved.      

Hinton, known for her honesty and insight, shared her own story of sound loss and symptomatic bad decisions, unhealthy allegiances and sexual enmeshments.   With the precision of a surgeon, this product of a Pentecostal Holiness upbringing exposed the root of those disparities. "We church folks are notorious for being so phony," she explains.  "We come to church to escape our problems. We appear to be okay but as soon as we get alone, we continue to suffer.  We have to face things and tell ourselves the truth."  Following suit, other featured authors, poets and dancers emoted their truth, challenging sacred cows, traditional beliefs and denial that lay at the root of critical soul conditions.  


Suzette Hinton is an author and life coach whose enthusiastic pursuit is living life on her terms, having a meaningful and fulfilling life, waking up every day excited about her day and having the revenues to support all the above. Her uncommon wisdom grounded in practicality can be heard on Straight Wives Radio Show where she cohosts with expert Bonnie Kaye every first Sunday night at 10:00pm Eastern Time and also her books.


The Edification Room is a concept birthed with the sole purpose of bringing people together who are in need of empowerment, inspiration, encouragement and motivation to face life’s challenges. These things all work together in order to edify one another. The Edification Room provides empowerment through the arts. To include: Spoken Word, Theatre, Music, and much more! 


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