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The Sound of My Soul

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New in paperback, Suzette R. Hinton's THE SOUND OF MY SOUL. 

There is an aliveness we all crave


"The Sound of My Soul is a perfect sequel to the Sound of My Life. What is life without a living soul? What is living without understanding the gift of your unique timbre, chord, and harmonic expression? Suzette calls to your silence. Her words pierce through distractions, avoidance, and fear inspiring us to tap deep into the sound of your soul. Breathe in this book and let your soul transition to the forefront in the light of authenticity and vulnerability."
--Alicia Randolph, Randolph Consulting Creative Designs
"This book has spoke to my soul. I have learned so much about the sound of my soul and who I am and whose I am. The words of this book have jumped at me. Some of the experiences in this book I can truly identify with. This book has hits home for me in many ways. This book for me was freedom, freedom from old time religion, freedom from my past, my hurt, my shame. Just Freedom! I love how you took a stand and walked out of the box and you can hear God more loudly. I'm so full from reading this manuscript. There is so much more I want to say! Thank you for asking me to read your manuscript. Congratulations!!! Suzette, you are my sister in my soul and my spirit love you!"
--Diane Hamilton, Motivational Speaker & Coach