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Who Are You Here To Serve?

posted Sep 27, 2014, 10:40 AM by Suzette Vearnon   [ updated Sep 27, 2014, 11:03 AM ]
Have you ever been asked, "Who is your target audience?"  I sure have.  A couple of years ago, I was asked that very question. I answered enthusiastically, "Somebody like me!"  That was all but shot down when I heard, "Wrong!  It's anybody who will pay."

While I am most definitely a business woman and an entrepreneur and do not devalue the worth of my contribution, there are two higher questions:  Who am I here to serve and how do I serve them?

Coaching women through relationship difficulties, self-esteem issues, and life transitions has been quite an eye-opener in that regard.  I have learned that target audience and who I am here to serve are not necessarily the same.  The women I've coached have been very different from me.  So in that sense, the Woman I was talking with was correct.  Where she and I differed was how money figures into this. 

When I consider my relationship with money, it was tenuous.  I feared not having enough until Life sent a coach to teach me a very valuable lesson.  In order to have her coach me, I had to pay more than I had ever paid a coach before.  I ain't gon lie.  I winced for about a second but knew without a single doubt in my mind that (1) she was the answer I had been seeking and (2) it would be wrong to ask her to lower her prices.  After all, my financial situation was not her fault.  When I squared my shoulders and said, "yes," something absolutely terrific happened.  The Universe took note of my resolve and provided the means for me to pay her without fail.  That one act of courage jettisoned me to the life I wanted for myself.  So, I would not be a good student of Life if I expected less or accepted less from those whom I serve.  That is the reason why I charge what I do. I trust the same Universe to provide for those who discern that I am their answer in the same way it provided for me.

Who am I here to serve?

Yes, the people I serve do pay.  They don't try to broker a deal or guilt me into discounting.  At the same time, they are ready to receive what I have to give.  Over the past couple of weeks, I've found myself in front of audiences that gave me the deer in the headlight look, for the most part.  There might have been a nod here and a nod there but, my every instinct knew I was talking to the wrong group.  

Not only do you feel the energy shift but you see in their blank stare, confused look or stunned silence.  You've lost them. That's when you know they aren't the right audience.  If you share your highest Truth and those around you resist it or start manipulating it so that it's more palatable, you know they aren't the right audience.  Oftentimes, it is more damaging than useful to push.  Souls that are prepared to hear your voice want more.  They have been wanting it, needing it, praying for it. They might not have known exactly how it would show up, but they recognize it when it does.  They treasure all that you are because you give them permission to be all that they are. 

How do I serve them?  

What is your unique way of delivering your product or service to someone?  For me, it's humor.  It's honest.  It's self-disclosing. It illicits vulnerability.  Some find how I serve a bit disarming.  My no holds barred truth-telling is not always welcomed. Pointing out the oddity, what doesn't line up, the elephant in the room, what's not being said, what's not being acknowledged can be very uncomfortable if a person doesn't want it.  By knowing how I serve, it helps me not to accept invitations to serve where how I serve is not welcomed.    

Actions speak louder than words.  If I serve someone who doesn't want it or who says they do but their actions say they don't, it leaves me feeling drained.  I am giving at the expense of myself.  But when I offer my gift to someone who is excited about receiving it, it leaves me feeling energized.  It's like getting a standing ovation.