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Where am I?

posted Jan 30, 2016, 1:06 PM by Suzette Vearnon   [ updated Jan 30, 2016, 1:06 PM ]
Sorry Friends that I have not written in a while.  I might have lost my way a bit.  I don't recognize where I am, actually.  It reminds me of the roads where there is a fork.  You think that you are continuing down the same route only to find that you are on a completely different road.  Well, I feel like that right now.  I am looking around me for something familiar and I don't recognize where I am.  Sometimes that's wonderful!  It means you've gone to another level and though it might seem foreign to you right now, you will get a lay of the land and be back to doing your thing.  Other times, you actually took the wrong road.  

I'm not sure which it is yet; but I'm slowing down a bit and checking in with my Internal Compass to get my bearings.  My friends are great too.  I went to breakfast with my friend, Lisa, and we talked about it.  She gave me some great observations and insights to consider.  I felt something rise to attention.  And while I don't know whether it was just how much better I feel when I'm around her or that my compass was recalibrating, I felt movement.  That's always good!