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I Agree To Do My Best

posted Apr 18, 2015, 2:42 PM by Suzette Vearnon   [ updated Apr 18, 2015, 2:53 PM ]
Just finished reading The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.  The fourth agreement, Always Do Your Best, was quite the eye-opener.  My parents always required us to do our best but I interpreted it as be as near perfect as you can.  If you made a mistake or didn't live up to expectations, then it was an indictment that you hadn't.  

Don Ruiz's book is different.  Doing your best means to let your actions be toward your highest and most honoring good.  He clarifies that doing your best is different at different times in your life.  For instance, my best when I'm angry is not the same as my best when I'm joyful.  Or my best when I'm sick is different from my best when I'm well.   There are times when doing your best means to say "no."  

When you know that you are doing your best, you are released from judgment.  No need for guilt, blame or shame.  

When that poison of self judgment is worked out by doing your best, you can rejoice in your efforts.  You don't beat yourself up for not being like someone else neither do you allow other folks' opinions to have any weight.  You have nothing to prove.  You have nothing to live up to.  All you have to do is your best.

Doing your best is not an excuse to punk out on yourself.  You'll know that by how you feel.  If you feel tired, drained or anxious, it's a sign that in some area, you've failed yourself.  Again, it's not a judgment, but your feelings are just a gauge.  You know that you are doing your best by the joy that you feel.  Something inside of you knows if you loved yourself or punked out.  

I was talking to a girlfriend this morning about the Listen 2 Your Life Coaching session she missed.  The topic was Change.  Those who are successful in navigating change have a positive belief about themselves, about life and about the change itself.  It's human to resist it at first.  At first, we vent, we complain, we lament but at some point, at least for me, some bigger rises to meet the change.  It's not something I manufacture.  It just stands on its own.  

One of those bigger beliefs is I cannot succumb to powerlessness.  I might feel defeated but I can't concede defeat.  It's not born of control.  It's born of powerfulness.  Something inside of me keeps digging for the bigger Truth until it strikes it.  The bigger power.  That power might be acceptance.  That power might be standing.  That power might be to leave the situation altogether. It's not a forced outcome.  I didn't force the issue.  It's only the manifestation of the Ultimate Truth.  

When you dig until you get to your most authentic response to something, you are not conceding defeat.  Quite the contrary, you have found your own personal power.  It's from that space of recognition that you do your best.