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The Sound of My Friday

posted May 10, 2013, 5:54 AM by Suzette Vearnon   [ updated May 10, 2013, 5:54 AM ]
Breathing hard.  Grabbing my jogging pants.  Running downstairs!  I hear it.  I hear that beep...beep...beep.  No, it's not my smoke detector.  It's the garbage truck (or is it the recycling truck?)!  Man, did I oversleep?  Okay, okay...whew, run, run, run.  Jump a couple of steps and out the door.  Okay, okay,  please don't come down my street yet!!!! 
I made it!  Sigh.
Happy Friday,  I wish I could say that wasn't a typical Friday for me, but it is.  You would think I'd roll the trash cans to the curb the day before, but that would be too easy.
So much to do today!  I love my to-do list.  I'm thinking about flipping my weekly Sound Check conference call to a Radio Show.  It had been in the back of my mind so when my dear friend, Bonnie, pitched the idea to me after I appeared on her show, Straight Wives Radio Show, I thought to myself, Bingo!.  We're going to discuss it today.  Yay!
Also, I have a meeting with my Business Strategist, Katrina.  We'll be tying up loose ends and she'll be showing me how to maintain my landing page for my book, The Sound of My Life. I'm glad.  I like doing things for myself and not having to rely on others.  I know, I's something that will have to be massaged as I grow into the person I am meant to be.  I won't be able to do it all so I'll have to relinquish control.  Pray church!!
I also have a writing gig that I'll need to meet with a client about.  How cool is that.  We  have our weekly Skype every Friday. 
I'm also signing a new coaching client.  Yippee!!!!  Once the date is set we can rock and roll.  I'm looking so forward to it.  Coaching takes on many different forms but with every client it is key that (1) they have the time and (2) you must set an intention for the coaching relationship.  Unlike therapy, coaching has a beginning and an end.  If there is a continuation, there needs to be clear direction and again, an anticipated end point.  If you don't, your client can become complacent.  That, we can't allow to happen!  It defeats the whole purpose of the coaching relationship, right?  Right!
Well, gotta keep it moving.  Peace and hair grease.  I can't believe I said!!!