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The Sound of My Dennis

posted Jun 15, 2013, 11:39 AM by Suzette Vearnon   [ updated Jun 15, 2013, 11:39 AM ]
I just finished watching an encore episode of Undercover Boss where nothing else typified meeting your moment like Dennis, an installer for the company Budget Blinds.  Unknowing that the boss was accompanying him on a call, he demonstrated excellence in such a way that brought the boss to tears as he offered Dennis $40,000 to remodel his home so that his family was comfortable.  What I saw was 4 keys things:
He showed up.  Dennis was prepared and very knowledgeable about his job.  He knew how to conduct himself, approach the customer and when to allow his boss to help him with the installations.  It respected the installation instructions.  He brought his authenticity to the job and infused it with his wealth of spirit.

He treated his customer's home as he would his own.  He asked the customer if she'd like her windows cleaned while he was installing blinds that required a long ladder to reach them. That was over and above the call of duty but so meaningful to the client.  He connected with the needs of his customer without them having to ask understanding that this resulted in repeat business and referrals.

He was clear about his values.  Family was first for Dennis. This father of five remaining children lost his son when someone was shooting and mistakenly hit his son's car.  When he got the call, he found his son's body still laying undisturbed in the street.  Tears filled his eyes as he showed the boss pictures of his son and talked about how he and his wife tend to hold the family closer, probably spoiling the grandkids a bit.  He said that this is how he cherishes his deceased son's memory by loving his family.

He was a good receiver.  He wasn't defensive or angry at all.  He received his customers vantage point.  He received direction.  He received this person he was training.  His brokenness over his son's death had tapped a depth of nurturing that he flowed with easily. He was grateful for the little things and it was evident in how he approached his customers and his business.  Everything he did was with joy and enthusiasm.  He was so open and full of gratitude that he and the boss sobbed together at the possibilities that the $40,000 would give.  He hugged him without hesitation and gave him a strong hug.  Said Dennis, "Nobody has ever done anything like this for me."  He was a wonderful receiver. 

Watching this, I was reminded of ways I can better meet my moments in life.  The Sound of My Dennis, if you will.  Sure, sometimes meeting the moment is pleasant.  When preparation meets opportunity and launches you to a new level of contribution and purpose, it is a moment of celebration and praise.  Meeting the moment isn't always a big moment with fireworks and here-here's.  Sometimes the moment is activated by tragedy, disappointment or loss.  I truly believe that Dennis allowing Life to process him through his great pain, created a God-space for great blessing.  Our Higher Character is revealed by how we meet that moment.  It's not to say that we don't reel from it, behave badly for a moment, or question who we are or what life is worth in the wake of it all.  Just the same, that Divine Energy inside of us inserts Himself when it's time.  Our surrender determines our aptitude and our altitude.  That certainly has been true for me.  Great Surrender has given way to Great Blessing.

I've got quite a few irons in the fire and prayers that I whisper to God first thing in the morning, in my intention and actions throughout my day and once again before I go to bed at night.  My prayers are always going up like smoke signals of energy coming off my being and my doing all day.   It is how I meet the moment that determines who is in charge - my faith or my fear.  I ain't gon lie.  I feel the fear like the next person just as I feel unrest, discontent and anxiety when there are lulls.  The difference is not allowing my feeling to determine my action.  If it can't fuel my intention for my life, I have to feel it but align my doing with my hope that lies within.  I make the decision of how I will live my life and what I will make priority, not a feeling.  

As I tell my coachees, yes, acknowledge the feeling.  When you acknowledge it, you take the sting out of it.  It ceases to be intimidating or paralyzing when you hold it to the Light.  Once you do, the Wiser You has to make a decision how you're going to respond.  My Wise Self says keep moving toward my prevailing intention.  My prevailing intention is to live a fulfilling life, to wake up every morning excited about my day, to live life on my terms and to have enough revenues to support that life. There may be some detours in the journey and I might not hit my target but I'll definitely fall right where God is.  In his presence is the fullness of joy and at His right hand are pleasures evermore.  I am okay with that :).