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The Sound of A Shift

posted Sep 6, 2013, 7:53 PM by Suzette Vearnon   [ updated Sep 6, 2013, 7:53 PM ]
Today, I agreed to play for a funeral.  It was a sad occasion but such a sacred moment.  Whenever someone invites you into their profound humanity and allow you to see them uncensored, unhinged and completely vulnerable, it is one of those slip your shoes off holy ground moments.  I didn't know any of the family or friends in attendance but I knew genuine emotion.  What I have found is that you can move deeper than your own discomfort of funerals and tap into a well of compassion.  It was from that well that I sang and played the keyboard.  I may never see them again but I knew that I connected with them in a real way.
There is something centering about a funeral.  It brings a perspective to life that tells us to not sweat the small stuff.  Arguments that meant so much yesterday lose their intensity as hands clasp with a renewed appreciation of the ones you love. 
The gentleman celebrated was 30 years old.  Thirty years old!  Despite his young age, he was a well respected lawyer in the city.  Friends of all hues came together with teary eyes and slumped shoulders as the reality that their friend, family and colleague was gone overwhelmed them.  I watched as young and old wailed and held each other.  His mother stared at the vacant frame that once housed the laughter and soul of her son.  That hit me closer to home.  I cannot imagine seeing my only son stretched out in front of me, lifeless and hollow.   
Today, I felt a shift.  Normally, I would have felt depressed.  Though I felt a degree of somberness, I noticed that my soul had opened a bit more.  I felt more secure in the energy of God that filled my mind and heart.  For this, I am grateful.