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The Sound of a Rude Awakening

posted Jul 12, 2013, 9:00 PM by Suzette Vearnon   [ updated Jul 12, 2013, 9:00 PM ]
Today, I had a visit with my doctor.  I was having some problems with chest pain and wanted to make sure everything was okay.  Upon the nurse escorting me to the back and taking my weight and height, I had a rude awakening.  "105 pounds," the nurse said reading the scale.  I had to blink, I was so surprised.  In my adult life, I've never gotten less than 111 pounds.  Concerned about it, I talked with my doctor.  "You've got to start eating three meals a day, Suzette," she said, peering at me over her glasses.  The sobering truth hit me between my eyes.  Despite all the wonderful things happening in my life, I had taken my health for granted, eating here and there if I remembered. 

It's so easy for me to get so focused on completing what I'm doing or creating something inspired that I push eating to the back burner.  Well, it's going to have to come to the front.  

I've never been an emotional eater or lived to eat though I love food.  Anybody around me can attest to that.  Enjoying a meal is one of the simple pleasures of being human, in my opinion!  Though I ooh and ahh with the best of them over a scrumptious meal, I don't live to eat.  I eat to live.  Rude awakening though, if I don't make eating a priority, it will result in some serious health issues. 

To kickstart me, I'm going to invest in protein drinks or make homemade shakes.  At the doctor's caution, I can only have one can of Ensure or the like a day.  "Eating is your best option for getting your weight back up," she reiterated.  "Eat healthy."  She also sent me to have some blood work done just to be certain there was no other reason for the significant loss of weight.  She asked me how I had been feeling. I told her about my friend, Margretta's death and how it had been very hard.  Even as I talked about it, my chest began to hurt again.

I'm not certain of all that is happening but of one thing I am sure.  This person here is going to make a conscious effort to do better.  I must.  So with that said, goodnight.  I'm going to bed!