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The Sound of a Corrected Mind

posted Aug 23, 2013, 9:19 AM by Suzette Vearnon   [ updated Aug 23, 2013, 9:19 AM ]
This morning, I laid in silence before getting out of bed.  What I noticed in my body was a resistance to doing what I normally do:  Jump out of bed on autopilot.  It's where you are programmed a certain way and you go about life that way.  I wanted to be more mindful of how I started my day.  So, I said The Lord's Prayer and laid in stillness. 
Laying in stillness doesn't mean that you don't talk or move or notice--I did a lot of talking.  It simply means that you maintain your sense of self despite your concerns.  You aren't overwhelmed by them.  You just see them and acknowledge that they exist.  In that sobriety, I sat still.  As I often do during these times, I looked at where I had been, where I am now and where I, the Being part of me, wants to go.  
I noticed how I had moved from a single desire for fulfillment to a state of constant doing.  So much and so that I feel like my life is living me instead of me living it.  It was in this mind space that I prayed and contemplated my never-ending ever-growing to do list.  You see, while in Wilmington NC in a state of peace and communion, I made myself a promise. I promised myself that I would not lose my objective for living: 
  • To live my life on my terms. 
  • To wake up every morning excited about my day. 
  • To have a life of fulfillment and meaning. 
  • And to have the revenues that support all of the above. 
Looking more closely at my life, I knew it wasn't the path that was the problem.  I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this place has everything that feeds who I am and why I am.  I consulted the Source of All Things.  He is my Creator and who better to give clarity.  Being with Him and Him in me, I recognized the disparity between my Being state and my Doing state.  I was stuck in performance. 
That high octane mindset that gets triggered when I don't feel safe was upsetting my space.  My mind needed to stand down.  Beliefs about my role in this new life needed to be tweaked a bit.  You know, that belief that you have to be in a constant state of doing.  That belief that if you don't do something to stay on top, you'll most surely lose your spot.  Oh that  Revisiting my metaphor about spinning plates on poles while catching new plates and spinning them too, that belief that you must accept what others toss to you without any thought of whether it fits you or doesn't.  It's so easy to let the inertia that comes with dream-building to take over.  Before you know it, you look up one day and wonder how your life got so chaotic. 
That's what happens when you bring an old mindset into a new place 
My dream is freedom.  That's it.   That's the sound I hear.  That's the sound that my mindset must support.  A corrected mind is critical.  My Doing has to serve what makes me feel free.  I have to change how I do business!  I do.  Being an entrepreneur isn't my life.  It is what I have been given to serve my life.  To serve the sound.  As Katrina Harrell, Business Coach and Life Strategist, so eloquently stated when she was a guest on my radio show, "Business is to serve you."  It is to enable you to serve your Higher Purpose.  If your mind says otherwise, it has to change!! 
So what is needed?  In a word, trust.  This is the new mindset that the Creator is requiring.  I've worked for myself before but never embraced it as a lifestyle, a sole source of revenue.  It is scary.  When I get scared, I tend to lean on what I know.  I know how to labor.  I know how to go hard.  A corrected mind, however, knows that I have to stop.  It's not a challenge; it is an opportunity.  It's a summons to stop laboring and resume creating.  Trusting that the same Purpose that pushed me to this point anticipates everything that I need to be successful, I can create something solid, something sound.  My Dream is wired to My Sound.  My Sound is wired to My Purpose.  It won't fail me.  It will support me.  This is the sound of a corrected mind.