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The Sound of A "Coffee With God" Moment

posted Aug 7, 2013, 10:41 AM by Suzette Vearnon   [ updated Aug 7, 2013, 10:41 AM ]
I had a Coffee With God moment this morning.  Not with literal coffee - as I am not a coffee drinker - but a moment.  That moment when you are just waking up from sleep with your eyes closed and you hear that still small voice bringing perspective to an unrest you might have been ignoring for days, weeks, months or even years. 
I first heard of Coffee With God at the South Carolina Book Festival.  There, author and artist AnJoy captured my attention despite my passing out postcards about my book and talking with passersby.  I tried to ignore it deeming it merely a distraction from my intention for coming to the event:  making my rounds to all the exhibits that I felt would increase book sells and doing some strategic networking.  Nevertheless, as I came back around to her exhibit, I couldn't deny the energy of joy--not to mention artwork that spoke to me--emanating from her space.  Her appearance reminded me so much of actor and singer Vanessa Williams in her young, 1984 Miss America pageant days.  It was obvious AnJoy was older still she had the look.  That fresh, youthful hair swing look.  Her children, a boy and a girl, had that fresh energy as well.  Before I knew it I was caught up in that energy, laughing and talking and snapping pictures. 
I've had her book, Coffee With God, on my table beside my bed for months.  Thumbed through it from time to time.  Today I took the time to actually read beyond the first 5 pages.  Such wealth and love flowed from every page.  The same lovely energy that I experienced the day I met her. 
It was like a gentle breeze of confirmation to the still small voice I heard in my spirit as I laid in bed staring out.  I've been purposeful.  Check.  I've been mindful. Check.  I've been busy.  Check Check!  Unknown to anyone around me and dismissed by me was a smidgen of unrest.  Though small in comparison to all the inspired moments of my big life, it was still nagging especially at night and first thing in the morning.  I knew I needed a real vacation.  This is what I thought the nagging meant.  Just wait, I was telling myself knowing I'd be going to the mountains in September.  You'll get a break soon.  Just the same, that sigh lingered. 
Today's Coffee With God took me to a place quite unexpected.  As I laid on the bed, the hymn "Draw Me Nearer" came to mind.  I sang the first verse aloud.  Then the second.  It was the second verse that struck a chord.  Consecrate me now to thy service Lord by thy power and grace divine.  Let my soul look up with a steadfast hope and my will be lost in thine.  As I sang this, I felt movement inside of me.  Consecrating precedes serving.  What an aha!  Most folks talk about praying.  The importance of having a dialogue with God.  They even talk about waiting for Him to answer.  He was answering.  In fact, he and I were empathically gabbing away.  Like an angel on my shoulder, He'd whisper for me to notice certain things, go certain places, telling me to turn here, take this exit.  I needed only to say something and before I knew it, He was bringing it to me.  Now that weirded me out, I must admit, but in a good  I was having daily interaction with God.  So what was missing?
In my Coffee With God time, I felt the nudge to write.  Hum, I thought, I haven't done that in a while.  Write just for the sake of writing.  My writing as of late has been contributing to magazines and adding content to websites I have joined.  Like the birds outside of AnJoy's window, I've tweeted and retweeted.  I have been online quite a bit, engaging in written discussions on social media, writing press releases, bio's, and the like to promote myself as an author, a writer, a coach.  I have been creating Event pages and shouting out my radio show, my book, my services. 
In the book of Genesis, there is a scripture passage that says "God breathed into man's nostrils and man became a living soul."  Writing for me isn't just to inform or to promote, writing is the voice of my aliveness.  It is an expression of my being.  It is the hearing of me, the seeing of me, the heartbeat of me.  That, I had neglected.  Today, I understand with even greater clarity that writing is my oxygen tube.   Writing is the passage way that connects my soul with God's breath. 
Oprah has a column in her magazine titled "What I Know for Sure."  This is what I know for sure.  What I know for sure is that I must write.  Writing for others and marketing it is good.  Having deadlines and requests for content on various topics is a part of being a writer.  I will continue to do that.  At the same time, I cannot lose sight of how writing connects me to Life.  It's what I do and I'd do if nobody paid me to do it.  It has a duality about it of being both the sound of my voice and the connector to the sound of my voice.  It is the abiding presence of my God-self that will remain even after my Earth-self deteriorates.  It is my life.  It is my legacy.  And so, today I write. 
For AnJoy it is a literal space where she pours a cup of coffee and watches birds outside her window.  For me, it's writing, or in this case typing.  Sovereign Wisdom has made it a place of communion.  It is a place of consciousness we can go to no matter where we are or who we're with.  It is an ascension.  It might be literal now as I am typing on my laptop and editing what I have typed, but it never fails to create a stairway that leads me to a higher place.  Like in Adam Sandler's movie, Click, writing allows me to hit the pause button on the remote control.  Certainly, the activity of life will resume, but I can respond to it from a rested place. 
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