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The Power of Your Investment

posted Jun 23, 2013, 4:25 PM by Suzette Vearnon   [ updated Jun 23, 2013, 4:25 PM ]
"Your life is perfect," I said to the group of ladies at Friday's Coffee & Dessert gathering.  A little startled and stunned by my statement, I could tell by their stunned expressions that they were grappling with the disconnect between what their lives looked like and their idea of what would make it perfect.  Referencing the article I wrote on the topic in 2006, Perfectionism: A Life Without Flaw, I told them that our lives are the perfect result of the decisions we have made.  It didn't matter whether the decisions were made in ignorance or ill-advice or plain ole rebellion, we have the perfect results for the choices we have made.  As the truth of this settled in, I could see nods from the attendees. 

Our investment in our lives is powerful!  I think if we realized that, we'd be more mindful before we get into a relationship, declare our major in college, have unprotected sex, join that church, or buy that car.  So many of our decisions are impulsive, allowing a moment of discomfort, hype or greed to drive us.  As I reflected on the power of that message, I began to take stock of two things:  where my money was going and where my relationships were going. The relationship part is definitely for a separate!

As I anticipated my friend and host of the event introducing me, I questioned whether I had chosen the right topic for the occasion.   Not only were there authors and coaches present, but also women enduring some painful circumstances.  I sat quietly as ladies gathered and began to talk about the grim outlook to unemployment benefits and how many people would be in desperate situations as a result.  How could I talk about money?  I didn't want to seem insensitive or out of touch.  

I got up with my latest issue of Essence and I read the strategies listed in an article about a black woman who had been fired but was now a millionaire.  The last strategy was "hire a mentor or coach."  As I shared my story of struggle financially and struggle to find fulfillment, I knew in that moment that I had laid a foundation that supported the nuggets I had to offer.  I knew what I prepared was exactly what I needed to talk about.  I showed them the envelope from the IRS that I purposeful wrote on the back of.  Yes, I was writing financial nuggets on the back of an agency that just the name intimidates us.  I was sending a message to the Universe that I refuse to be intimidated by anything even the IRS.  

The first nugget was you will always be held captive by money until you break out.  "How many of you have bills, financial obligations or financial commitments?,"  I asked them.  Everyone including myself raised her hand.  "How many of you, whenever you are presented with an opportunity, have to consider how much it cost because your money is committed to other things?"  All our hands went up.  "How many of you have complained that something is too expensive?"  All of our hands went up.  "How many of you have talked yourself out of an opportunity because you heard how much it cost and you said either loudly or in your mind, 'I can't afford it?'"  I realized that the energy in the room was getting pretty reflective.  

"So how do I break out Sister Suzette?," I asked out loud for them. "Isn't it responsible to consider the cost and whether you can afford it?  Isn't it responsible not to overextend yourself?"  No, not in this case.  For if the truth be told, the reason we are in our situation is because we made some irresponsible decisions.  If you cannot embrace an opportunity presented to you that can liberate you financially forever and you let it pass you by because of bills, clearly there is some irresponsibility that you have to own.   

Again, I acknowledged that my message was a real downer.  "Don't worry, y'all, there is a light.  I'll bring you back u,." I told them.  Of course there was Light. That Light is God.  Thank God that He is not limited by our circumstances.  In fact, He doesn't take it into consideration.  He is only governed by the timeline he has for our lives.  Doesn't matter what happened or hasn't happened, whether we have the money or we don't, whether we are prepared or not.  He is not limited.  He's God.  

I remember praying to God for an answer to how to move my businesses forward after launching them.  It wasn't too hard to prime the bookkeeping pump or the playing-for-the-church pump.  Those were not as much of a challenge.  The challenge however was coaching.  I knew in the fiber of my being and still do that I am called to coach.  It is my lifeblood and my purpose; yet, it was met with the most resistance.  Like I shared in my book, THE SOUND OF MY LIFE, I told the listeners about God, The Symphony Conductor, tapping on the podium and summoning me to the microphone to take my rightful place as a coach. My response was bewilderment because I didn't have a client yet.  I asked him why I was being summoned and I didn't have a coaching client, a paying coaching client at that.  His response?  "You aren't coaching because you aren't coaching."  In that moment, I realized that I am a coach and a coach coaches.  It is not contingent on whether I have money or not.  It is not the money that validates my purpose any way.  Yet I was holding myself hostage to that image.  Without money, in my mind, I wasn't legitimate.  I had forgotten that God's call made it legitimate.  

Even now, like at the meeting, I got a little ahead of myself.  So back to praying about how to move my businesses forward.   It was definitely of major consideration because even though I was playing for a church and doing bookkeeping, they still weren't generating enough revenues to truly liberate me from working for somebody else to working for myself.  Prayers led me to an encounter in the bathroom where I had a chance encounter.  More like a God encounter.  The woman I talked with told me what was going on in her life and I shared my heart's desire with her and the path I was on.  She told me that I had to meet her friend.  "Your stories are so similar," she said.  Outside of the conference room in Crabtree Valley Mall's Food Court, I came face to face with my next level.  I knew it in every fiber of my being.  

Everything inside of me leaped for joy.  Then she told me how much she charged.  And the leap gave way to my mind automatically trying to figure out how I could pay her.  After all, I was working for a staffing agency at the time and had just begun to play for the church.  I didn't let her see me sweat but my insides were shaken a bit.  Despite this, I knew I would not try to talk her down.  That would have been offensive to the value that she placed on what she was offering me.  Why should she lower her price to suit me?    

So, on the way to my car, I talked to God and said, "Okay God, I need you to help me.  I know she's the right person so I'm trusting you to help me to pay her and meet my financial obligations."   I did.  Was it easy? No it wasn't for everytime I was met with needing to pay a bill and pay her, I struggled inside.  And each time, that Wise Voice inside of me would say, "pay your bills.  Yes, do that.  But invest in your dreams....FIRST!" This was the second nugget and the way to break out.   Invest in your dream.   Do it first.  Investments bring returns.  Even the investments we have made in our ignorant purchasing choices or ego-driven consumption.  The reason we have so many bills is because we're invested.  We create them.  We hold every decision to them.  They are our warden that tells us what we can and can't do and threatens to harm us if there is a misstep.  We focused our creative energy to the wrong thing and reaped a whirlwind of it.    

BREAK OUT!!!!!!  You have to take your power back and tell your money what it will do by what you do with it.  Now, I don't recommend that you put your money into things that boast of success but aren't authentic.  That was what I did when I sold Mary Kay and sold Amway.  There's nothing wrong with doing that if it comes from an authentic place.  But if it comes from overachiever's complex, or coveting what somebody else has or needing some symbol of success, then it is not a worthy investment.   

When we shift our energy from making bills to making our dreams come true, it changes our world.  It creates a new paradigm that illuminates our path.  We no longer need to buy an expensive dress from Macy's or a brand new car that chains us to 5 or 6 years of car payments.  We hold every decision to intention.  We take our money and invest in opportunities that advance our intention.  As a result, that energy attracts more of the same.  I use to dream of not having to hold every penny of my money to how many bills I had to pay.  I would feel such guilt when I'd go out to eat or make a purchase I couldn't justify.  What if something comes up and you don't have the money?, was my silent torturous thought.  And if the truth be known, I had put a hole in my finances.  I wasn't putting my money into something that depreciated.  

The first time I heard anyone talk about paying myself first, it was somebody selling me insurance consisting of retirement, life insurance and investments.  This, they promised, would secure my future and ensure that I would be better off.  I'm currently contributing to an investment portfolio.  I think that is important.  However, that alone isn't enough.  The Universe wasn't stirred by that alone.  It wasn't until I started investing in my dream that the Universe stood at attention and started joining in.  Sure, you have transitions and bumpy spots.  I don't want to mislead you by painting an absolutest picture.  Building always takes more energy than living in what you built.  But if you build right, it becomes a place of dwelling.  It becomes your home.    

I like the home I'm building.  For the first time in my life apart from getting an income tax refund, I don't have to check my checkbook balance as often as I use to.  When something inspires me, I don't have to grapple with whether I can do it and pay my bills too.  God, the Divine Strategist, is showing me various ways of creating streams of income.  Some money goes into my account semi-monthly.  Some goes in every week.  And other streams aren't as predictable but they still contribute.  My goal is to have passive income that flows into my life without my having to work for it.  I truly feel that the Universe is sending me opportunities and after while and by and by, the Divine Strategist will cause them to converge in abundance.  

I've begun to declare, "Every time I turn around I have $10,000 in my bank account." I tried declaring something different but it didn't feel authentic.  Something about $10,000 feels right, so I'm declaring it.  Do I have a clue how it's going to happen?  NO!  But the more I stay in this energy pocket of investment, the more certain of abundance.