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Straight Talk from Straight Wives

posted May 12, 2015, 5:21 AM by Suzette Vearnon   [ updated May 12, 2015, 6:05 AM ]
Last night, I had the pleasure of being a cohost with Bonnie Kaye, founder of the Straight Wives Club, on her STRAIGHT WIVES Radio Show.  I am a regular, actually, on every first Monday of the month.  

Some of you don't know, I became a part of the Straight Wives community several years ago. Back in 2001, I recall.  Bonnie was my lifeline.  I had inklings that my husband was gay but no evidence.  At least, nothing substantial, to my thinking.  With Bonnie's newsletter and several midnight emails with tears streaming down my face, she was the only real-time voice in my head.  She, as well as some males who were openly gay, helped me to understand the mindset and behaviors of a gay man. My husband vehemently denied it, choosing to identify more with Down Low.  Regardless, had she not been there, I would have literally lost my mind.  

That is what makes my cohosting with her so special.  She has seen me fight my way back to sanity and recover a life bigger and more wonderful than I ever imagined!  

If I were to be completely honest, I use to be ashamed to share this.  When folks found out that I had been married to someone gay, it drew startled blinks, blank stares, disbelief, scorn, and criticism.  Thank goodness for liberation and purpose else the opinions of people would have kept me in an emotional prison.  I believe that along with bringing hope to single women who want love in their live, my purpose is to destigmatize and to support women who married or were in a romantic relationship with a gay man.  It's not to bash the men.  Neither is it to be a companion to misery.  I strongly support the rights of people to love and be loved.  It's when unsuspecting women find themselves captive to his closet.  

Last night's episode was honest, vulnerable and supportive.  Regardless to whether you are involved with a man you suspect as being gay or a heterosexual male, this show offers a safe place where you can breathe.  No one is making you feel bad.  To the contrary, we are there to support your intuition and your being deserving of love.  That's why I love being a part of it.