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My Actions Have Purpose

posted Aug 19, 2014, 7:30 AM by Suzette Vearnon   [ updated Mar 13, 2015, 9:00 AM ]
It's hard to believe that I am on Day 9 of my 21-day Meditation with Oprah and Deepak.  What a fulfilling experience.  I know that I am doing exactly what I am suppose to be doing.  It feels wonderful!

As soon as I rolled over on my bed, grabbed my laptop and scrolled through my email for today's meditation, the Sanskrit Mantra: My life has purpose and meaning brought tears to my eyes and further recognition to my spirit.  In an instant, Life was affirming what little over a year and a half ago eluded me for so long.  I was waking up every morning going through the routine of living but not living at all.  Everyday became an increasing  struggle to get out of bed.  Though smiling was involuntary - I just believe my face is prewired to smile - my soul heaved through the fictitious life I was forcing it to lead.  All I did was sigh and heave with anxiety compounding my frustration as I felt stuck in an endless cycle of waning joy. 

Today, the Universe stopped by to give me an affirming nod, a pat on the shoulder.  My efforts to transform my life have worked.  The joy I feel at this moment cannot be described.  It is like someone threw open the windows and light flooded me with a message of "Well done thy good and faithful servant."  A Julie Andrews singing "The Sound of Music" on the mountaintop type of moment.!  It's these times of awareness that let you know that you have arrived.  You are here.  You aren't trying to get here but you are here. 

In this flood of recognition, Biblical passages and scriptures I've read or heard about for years take on a new meaning.  I see the Tree of Life ready and waiting to feed me.  I am able to see the bounty surrounding me that has been there all the time.  I am able to see myself through the eyes of Love as I welcome my God-likeness to commune with me.  I am able to enjoy my life without the overcast of doubt and fear and the shame and guilt that come along with it.  I no longer desire the fruit of a tree that crippled Adam and Eve and generations that followed.  The fruit that keeps me blind, deaf and dumb to the value of who I am as I am.  That dreadful Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil boasted of giving mankind something that we didn't have.  It lied.  It separated us from our inherent joy and contented purpose.  It made us believe we had lost something, we lacked something, when nothing was further from the truth. 

Nothing had changed but our perception.  Yet, there was no way for us to see it, hear it, connect with it so we covered what didn't need to be covered and hid when there was no reason to hide.  And mankind has been doing that ever since.  Even those who feel the most enlightened because they go to church or practice their faith let shame and guilt over their human condition convince them they should cover up and hide.  I think that is what makes hypocrisy so vile.  That's what makes ego-infused aspects of religion so vile.  It is man still sewing fig leaves to cover his nakedness and hiding when the Light of God's presence reveals it.  God still doesn't have a problem with it, but mankind does.  Hence, instead of cooperation, there is rejection.  Instead of peace, there is war.  Instead of love, there is fear.  Instead of acceptance, there is suffering.

Every system in the body is fully committed to its purpose.  This, Deepak said during today's meditation.  What immediately came to mind was what if it wasn't.  What if my pulmonary system was not 100% committed to its purpose?  Maybe that is what causes disease and illness and death.   Something happens that disrupts the purpose of a thing.  It disrupts the ease with which the system operates and that disrupted ease or dis-ease disrupts the other systems that rely on it.  There is no more cooperation, no more consensus.  Sound familiar?

The Bible says "as it is in the natural, so it is in the spiritual."  Maybe what that means is when we are not committed to our purpose, it causes dis-ease.  We lose our sense of balance.  We are no longer happy.  We are no longer content with our lives.  I remember my history of disconnectedness.  I was ill at ease and it made it hard to function.  The depth of my dis-ease had become critical.  I could no longer minimize the discomfort that I woke up with every morning and went to sleep with every night.  Even the simplest of tasks were excruciating.  I felt myself dying inside and I had to stop it.  It required a radical change.   

This is what it took for me to live.  It is from that strong heartbeat that I write.  It is the passion that infuses what I say.  This is the consciousness from which I coach.  It is a 100% commitment to authentic living.  This is my sound.  As long as I hear it, as long as I cooperate with it, my actions have purpose.  When I do not, my actions create complications and disruptions.  Today, I commit with a deeper consciousness to how it all connects with the 10 systems that work together to keep me alive:  my circulatory system, my digestive system, my endocrine system, my lymphatic and immune system, my muscular system, my nervous system, my reproductive system, my respiratory system, my skeletal system, and my urinary system.  My actions have purpose.