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Like A First Kiss

posted Apr 25, 2014, 1:57 PM by Suzette Vearnon   [ updated Apr 25, 2014, 2:16 PM ]
Like a first kiss, like a summer breeze, like a gentle touch, you close your eyes and inhale slowly with every brush stroke and dance of colors on the canvas.  You feel alive. 
There is an aliveness that we all crave.  Without it, we’ll grasp for any and everything that even remotely promises to make us feel it.   We want it.  That alive feeling.  In spite of that, we run away when we feel it and grasp, as if our lives depended on it, when we don't.  It's like the throb of your G-Spot, that craving.  No matter how many women you sleep with or glasses of wine you drink to satisfy it, it will wake up again. This time with more of a savage call than before. 
Until you have that one defining moment.  That moment that captivates you and fills all your senses.  It seems like coincidence yet the feeling is undeniable. 
Your souls knows.  Even if you have never felt like that before, your soul knows when it's real.