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Hearts Beating As One

posted Dec 5, 2014, 1:16 PM by Suzette Vearnon   [ updated Dec 5, 2014, 1:16 PM ]
The first thing that comes to mind are the lyrics to the song, Endless Love, but this blog post could be no further from it.  It's about the people in my life.  I watched Bishop T.D. Jakes' interview about his new book, INSTINCT.  What made my ears perk up was his recollection of a conversation with cardiac doctors.  He said that heart cells beat long before they come together to form your heart. There is something instinctive that pairs up with cells that have the same rhythm.  

I never will forget the morning I woke up and sat straight up in the bed.  "I get it!," I shouted.  I finally understood why despite our best efforts, some folks and I just didn't mesh.  Our takeaways were completely different.  There was an off-beatness that could no longer be dismissed.  Our hearts didn't beat as one.  

With getting it came freedom.  No longer did I have to feel guilty about walking away.  Likewise, no longer did I have to find something wrong with the other person to soothe my guilt.  I could now accept that Purpose made the call.  Life in its infinite wisdom made the call. No harm.  No foul.  

In Life, we're going to hurt each other.  It can't be avoided.  It's blaming others for our discomfort that keeps us unhealed.  To expect them to heal the pain they've caused or simply bumped into is just as unrealistic as expecting a non-professional to heal a stab wound.  Doesn't matter who did what to whom.  They can't heal the wound.  They don't have the expertise.    

Is there a doctor in the house?  

Some wounds aren't healed by alcohol and a bandaid (y'all don't know nothing about  Some hurts require a professional.  Only a doctor can diagnose and prescribe what is needed.  Even then, we have to follow doctor's orders.  I'll be the first to admit that I am the worst!  When I start feeling better, the pill bottle goes into the medicine cabinet and I resume life as usual.  Relapse!  The relapse is always worse!  

Wholeness is complete healing.  It heals the symptoms and the virus or bacteria that caused the malady in the first place.  In matters of the heart, only Something Greater can do that.  When it does, you are no longer the walking wounded!  There is no inflammation that hurts to the touch.   Friend or foe can bump into that area and you don't wince.  When you experience that kind of healing, you cherish it.  You do all you can to preserve it.  Folks can say whatever and they can think whatever.  Doesn't change that you are healed and you have adopted a lifestyle that supports it.  That's the heartbeat that beats in perfect rhythm with mine.