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Healthy Living 7 Day Challenge Day Two

posted Aug 3, 2014, 4:23 PM by Suzette Vearnon   [ updated Aug 3, 2014, 4:23 PM ]
Today, I got up and the first thing down my throat was Suja's Green Supreme organic juice.  I do feel more energized having drank it.  I can't say that I followed with a boiled egg and fruit or gluten free cereal.  That would have been a healthy choice  I actually stopped by Bojangles and got a ham biscuit.  Not the best choice but I figured country ham would be better than patty sausage.  I was on the road and needed something I could eat while I was driving.  What a plausible explanation.  It was still not the best choice.

What I do believe is the best choice in this day and time is to think outside of the box when it comes to nutrition and health.  (I've moved on from plausible explanation because there is I respect the medical community and would definitely want to be rushed to the Emergency Room if I sustained an injury or trauma, we have to remember that doctors practice medicine.  Sometimes they get it right.  Sometimes they get it wrong.  Many a life has been saved by a patient who researched their own illness and insisted that their doctor consider treatments outside of what they would normally prescribe. 

Even cancers have been reversed by those who took their health into their own hands.  Highly endorsed by these individuals is juicing.  There are mixed opinions in the medical community; however, there are many survivors of awful diseases who swear by their concoctions of green leafy greens juiced and drank first thing in the morning.  They also talk about how removing stress from their lives has been key to their healing.

Today, I didn't have a full fledged meditation.  I had a quickie.  It actually revealed to me that I am beginning to find it easier to enter into that still place.  Sure, there are random thoughts.  But as Deepak said, "If you think about not thinking, you're still thinking."  He recommends that you become an observer of your thoughts.  That takes the pressure off. 

I still feel like a fish out of water when I am not working or thinking about working.  I not only hear whispers from folks from my past that believed that "an idol mind is the devil's workshop, "but I feel anxiety about it.  It's like you are pacing inside.  You fear that if you don't work, you'll lose what you've built.  There is truth to it; however, work is not suppose to be done out of anxiety.  It is suppose to be done from a mindful and grateful place.  Now that I recognize where the anxiety comes from, it isn't as intense anymore.  I am learning to acknowledge it and assert what my Wiser Self knows.  

Yoga and meditation are reinforcers of that mindfulness and gratitude.  They are avenues to my truest power.  It's not in doing it perfectly.  It's in simply doing it. 

It's the key to my awakening to my next steps in growing my life forward.  How do I know?  I prayed for God's counsel and wisdom about where I am and where I should move next.  Since nothing happens by coincidence, I know that the answes are wrapped in getting still and present.  For this, I am grateful.