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Healthy Living 7 Day Challenge Day Three

posted Aug 4, 2014, 10:15 AM by Suzette Vearnon   [ updated Aug 4, 2014, 10:27 AM ]
Hello!  Today is Day Three of my self-started Healthy Living 7 Day Challenge

I've noticed that all over Facebook my friends are getting fit.  They are exercising.  They are taking supplements.  They are eating healthier.  It is quite motivating to see their candid shots of perspiring foreheads and determination.  My only concern in all of this is what happens once that desired weight is reached.  What happens once those pesky joint aches and digestive issues are allayed? 

They say it takes 21 days to break a habit, but it takes a lifetime to not resume the bad habit.  We've all heard it.  Dieting is a lifestyle.  Exercise is a lifestyle.  Maybe it is, but so is eating that Lord-have-mercy 5 cheese macaroni and cheese and sitting for countless hours behind a desk or a laptop.  Of course, my reasons for embarking on this challenge don't seem as noble as those fearless warrior friends on social media and, to be honest, I'm not as invested in it in the way they are.  My investment is based on what will give me the most bang for my buck.  Does it make sense to put money into a pill form of vitamins and minerals or is it more nutritious and cost effective to juice? 

So, today's log.  Captain's Log, Star Date...LOL...I had to go there.

First thing this morning, I drank a Suja Green Supreme organic juice drink.  Overall I feel great!  What I have noticed is that my skin looks better.  I don't have as many white heads or little bumps from pore-clogging or irritating makeup.  My fingernails still break easily though.   

I feared that I would feel sluggish and without energy if I didn't take my vitamins.  By now, I would need something to lean on, I'd be so tired!  Who knows, I might need to up my vitamin and mineral intake still.  What this drink is providing however is more green leafy veggies and fruit in my diet.  I think that for all of us, that is where most of our malnourishment lies.  We just don't eat as many fruits and vegetables as we should.  We are a high carb, high sugar population.  Just look at us.  We are fatigued and we are overweight.   

Many of the medications we are taking for various ills don't help us with that part.  For what they treat, they create other problems.  I remember when the pill (oral contraceptives) was first introduced to me back in college.  One of the side effects was weight gain.  And now, there are studies that blame the protruding abdomens and overdeveloped breasts of little girls and little boys on the excessive hormones in certain meats and cow's milk...even poorly purified drinking water! 

Being a part of the 50 plus club, I am discovering how important all this is.  Critical to my mobility is stretching.  Just about every pain in joints and muscles can be altered by consistent stretching.  That's where yoga and meditation help me a great deal. I carry tension in my neck and shoulders.  Have done that since I was a kid.  It's just come to a chronic head over the last 3-5 years.  I love and appreciate chiropractic medicine but I am not trying to keep my chiropractor rich.  So, what I've begun to do is balance standing times and sitting times.  Seems pretty minor but it is helping me so much with the tightness that gets arouse in my lower back and trapes.  Sometimes I'll put my laptop on my partition that separates the loft from the stairwell.  It's flat so that my laptop fits well and it's just the right height.  Other times, I'll put my laptop on my lap as I sit for a spell.  I've heard that rotating your feet as if you are spelling the alphabet helps the circulation in your feet. There are also exercises that will stretch those calf muscles that invariably helps plantar fasciitis as well. 

I fell asleep this morning during meditation so I'm getting ready to get it in right now during lunch time.  I've found that putting my heating pad on my lower back while putting the stimulator pads from my Prospera electronic pulse massager (what a thoughtful gift from my fiancé) on my shoulder area.  Then I can get lost in the guided meditation on my playlist in absolute comfort!

Latta y'all!!!!