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Fresh Eyes

posted May 24, 2014, 2:54 PM by Suzette Vearnon   [ updated May 24, 2014, 2:54 PM ]
After weeks of reading, proofing, editing, cajoling and arguing, my book release is just one week and 45 minutes away.  Whew!  What a journey.  I had gotten to the point that my inspired words were merely content to a book that needed a period here and a quotation there.  What a lift for me to meet my friend and fellow coach, Tracy McNeil, at Panera Bread.  It wasn't planned.  It was a split second suggestion that was met with "yes" and another "yes" and a "yes-yes."  To have her unwrap my books and touch them ever so reverently was such a sacred moment.  Not only did she touch them and bless them but I felt life-giving energy as she read the first words.  She even read the copyright page!!!

I needed that so much.  I was so tired.  It wasn't writing the books that was exhaustive but all that surrounds it.  Checking things and reacting to things and just stuff, ya know!  The stuff that comes along with authoring a work.  The marketing, the launch details, the trying to get in contact with this one and that one, the but's, the maybe's and the no's leading up to a commemorative day in the life of your book and yours as well. 

Though I sit here still tired, my soul is rejoicing.  With every scream of excitement and every squeal of delight texted to me by my friend, Life Coach and fellow author who could hardly contain her exuberance, I got such a lift.  My words do matter.  It matters what I said and how I said it.  It matters to those whose hearts are prepared and whose minds are open.  These books will liberate those held captive by erroneous beliefs and sabotaging values.  

I don't know what's next after the launch.  I'm allowing the energy from the books to seek out and to attract what follows.  In the meantime, I am allowing my own joy over having these beautiful twin books to be shared.  I have the privilege of watching them mature and change the world as we know it.  Until then, this girl is going to get something to eat and get to bed at a decent hour. 

See you at the launch!!