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Helping Others

posted Aug 31, 2014, 9:40 AM by Suzette Vearnon   [ updated Mar 13, 2015, 8:59 AM ]
I realize today that helping others is more than saying yes when I'm asked to do something.  Helping others comes from doing what I love to do and releasing it into the Universe.  I had never seen it like that until I heard Deepak share what helping others is not.  It is not helping when you say yes out of obligation or accommodation.  It is only helping when (1) a candle inside is lit and (2) it is extended to those you've been called to help.  

Before I became aware of what truly helping others meant, the only joy I got from it was the hope that someone would give me what was missing.  When it didn't work out, I was filled with resentment.  I now understand why.  When you look outside yourself for what can only come from within yourself, you are doomed to suffering.  The key to true connection is looking inward with the same tenacity.  Spare no expense to find the treasure already inside of you waiting to be discovered and unlocked.  

So many of us want to discover that treasure without breaking a sweat or paying a huge cost.  Why is that?  Why would we prefer to pay big bucks for marketing and promoting some image of ourselves instead of opening that same wallet to unlock the door to our true fulfillment?  I'm not sure.  Maybe it's because we don't believe in ourselves.  We invest in what we believe is valuable.  We'll invest in false eyelashes, botox, tummy tucks, fitness centers, diet plans, dating sites, sports cars, education for our children but we won't invest in what lies at the core of our happiness.  We subject us to pain of rejection, pain of relationships gone wrong, but wince at the thought of facing our pain and actually healing it.  

That is the only thing that matters.  Ask anyone who has made getting married their value point.  Ask her how she feels once she's found the love of her life.  She will tell you what a wonderful man he is but talk long enough there will be a but.  But I need more.  But something is missing.  But I still feel the same emptiness.  From a place of fullness however, the response is so different.  She tells you what a wonderful man he is and talk long enough there will be an and.  And I feel so alive.  I feel inspired to write.  I feel more creative.  I feel more this.  I feel more that.  I prefer to be the and instead of the but.  

That's where helping others comes from.  It comes from that inspired me, not that needy me.  This beautiful Sunday morning, tap into inspiration.  Let your helping come from that inspired place.  If enough of us do it, think of all the Love that will fill this world!