About Suzette

"If you can Be your way through it,

you will find your way to it."

The founder of
Odyssey Administrative Services, Odyssey Music Consultants and Purposeful Connections and the creator of the MusicMathTM Approach to Dating and Relating has created businesses that provide administrative and bookkeeping services, musicians and vocal coaching, and life/relationship coaching solutions.   

She is a transformer.  With 20+ years in accrual and cash accounting and 35+ years in administrative assistance, she transforms messed up, mishandled financial records into properly managed ones.  

She is a refiner.   Suzette takes raw musical talent and produces polished performers.  Whether it’s
preparing wedding singers, teaching piano students or working with choirs, Suzette brings star power to everything she does.  

She is an amplifier As a life coach, she debunks the belief that living a mediocre life or working a job that you hate is the road to your dreams.  Illuminating insights from her books, The Sound of My Life, The Sound of My Soul and Protecting Your Emotional G-Spot, she amplifies your inner expert and serves as an accountability partner in your quest for fulfillment.  
The day her book launched, the Editor-in-Chief of VMH Magazine, Vikki Hankins, paid her a surprise visit.  Holding the April 2013 issue of the magazine, she announced that Suzette's articles on actors Rhona Bennett and Richard Lawson had made the cover.  Just three months later, she was a featured author at the 2013 Aspiring Author's Workshop in Winston-Salem, NC.  At the August 10, 2013 Anniversary Gala of Fine Success Magazine, Suzette was honored with the "2013 Excellence in Inspirational Writings Award" for thought-provoking and life-impacting writings.  And most recently, a teary-eyed Suzette was recognized at the esteemed annual African American Literary Tea for "living the dream and telling the story."  Not bad for a small town girl, huh!

Since that time, Suzette has embarked on a whole new adventure.  One as a wife.  Yes, Ms. Hinton is now Mrs. Vearnon.  Stymying statistics that said otherwise, she got married on her 55th birthday.  Her life can be summed up as this:  STATISTICS BE DARNED!


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